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Homework Policy

HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework is the link between school and home that shows what children are studying
and develops habits of mind and skills necessary for optimizing learning. Homework should be consistent and
based on quality vs. quantity. In accordance with the National PTA, homework guidelines updated and adopted
by the Campus Leadership Council (5/13/2015) will be:
Kindergarten 15 minutes

1st Grade 20 minutes
2nd Grade 30 minutes
3rd Grade 40 minutes
4th Grade 50 minutes

Exceptions can be made for special projects but not on a recurring basis.

Makeup work in accordance with HPISD Board policy
One day allowed for makeup work for each day a student is absent for excused personal illness or
appointments with health care providers.
Homework tips for parents:
  • Ensure your child has a quiet, designated space to study in your home
  • Help students understand and review the work covered in class
  • Monitor student understanding of the lesson
  • Encourage student to learn more on subjects studied
  • Implement a daily “Study Time”,
  • Assume your student will study nightly