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Cafeteria Procedures

Lunch Procedures
Panther Good Manner
It is our goal to make our cafeteria the BEST place by reducing the noise level and securing cooperation of the students in following posted cafeteria rules. The Lunchroom Monitoring staff of UP utilize a campus incentive program to recognize and reinforce students in each class and grade level for using good manners and following cafeteria rules. The cafeteria rules remain unchanged. Students will:
  1. Remain in your seat in the cafeteria unless getting food, drinks, or at dismissal throwing trash away.
  2. DO NOT leave the cafeteria without permission from a teacher.
  3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  4. Use INSIDE voices when speaking at the table.
  5. Leave your table clean with all trash picked up from table and floor around you.
  6. Remain in your seats until your classroom teacher comes to your table and dismisses you. Then, line up.