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About Mrs. Vahrenkamp


Welcome to kindergarten! I’m so excited to spend the year with your child and can’t wait to get to know your family.

This will be my 14th year teaching and I’ve spent the last 7 years at UP. Throughout my career I’ve taught in Dallas ISD, Arlington ISD and Birdville ISD. My teaching experience ranges from kindergarten thru second grade. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University. I earned my Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership with a specialization in Autism from Lamar University. I grew up in Bellville, a small town outside of Houston.

I’m the oldest of three siblings. I have a younger sister and brother. My husband Josh and I have been married for 12 years and are proud parents to our four year old daughter Mila, and little sister, Maxwell. In between soccer games and dance classes, my family and I love to travel and explore new restaurants in Dallas.

As an elementary teacher, my goal is to treat each student as if they were my own. The University Park Elementary community is the absolute best and I'm proud of be a UP Panther. I’m so excited to have your child join me this year in kindergarten!



What are we learning this week? 11/11 - 11/15

Word Family: -an /sh/ /th/ /ch/

Sight Words: an, come

In Language Arts we are reading Thanksgiving stories and focusing on being able to identify the Main Event in each story. Today we read: The Great Turkey Race

In Math we are working on NUMBER CONCEPTS and ORDINALS

THIS WEEK AT HOME: We are making a class turkey. Each child will be bringing home a feather to decorate at home and then return to school on Wednesday. Feel free to snazz it up as much as you'd like. Sequins, pom poms, glitter, etc., are all encouraged!

Don't forget about the book fair! We won't be going as a class so if your child would like to go you can take them before or after school this week as well as Saturday morning.

Please send jackets/hats/gloves this week as temperatures are expected to get colder and we will be going to recess as long as weather permits. Bundle up!

Shoot for the Stars!

Our awesome auction friend came to visit us this morning and told us all about the adorable plates that kindergarten is able to bid on, as well as the teacher gift of time. The students are very excited! More info on this to come...


What are we learning this week? 10/29-11/1

Letters: Xx, zZ, qu, Qu

Sight Words: you, no

In Language Arts we are reading lots of pumpkin stories, while talking about schema (what we already know) and what we can learn after reading the story. Now that our testing is completed, we are also starting reading groups this week. Each child will get small group time to help with his or her reading skills.

In Math we are working on NUMBER CONCEPTS and ORDINALS.


We are so excited to have Caroline Stiles join us each morning from 8:10 - 9:40! Caroline is a Senior at HPHS and has chosen our class to do her senior internship with. She will be with us until then end of the semester.

We also worked hard on rhyming words this week. You can help your child build their rhyming skills at home as well. Give them two words that rhyme and then have them tell you another. This skill is assessed on TPRI so it is important that they master it.

While learning about "Setting" this week, we ready the story, "The Three Silly Billies" and then completed this assignment. Tip: When reading with your child at home, make sure to have them tell you about the characters and setting of the story.

Our class had LOTS of fun watching the Bike Rodeo Stunt Show today. They are already looking forward to participating in Bike Rodeo once they get to 1st grade!

What are we learning this week? 9/30 - 10/4

This week we are reviewing all of the skills we have learned so far in class.

Letters: nN, cC, oO, dD, aA, sS, mM, iI, tT, lL, uU, rR, bB, pP, eE, jJ

Sight Words: my, I, a, and, the, am, like, it, can, do

In Language Arts we are learning about CHARACTER and SETTING of a story.

In Math we have wrapped up GEOMETRIC SHAPES and are beginning to learn about PATTERNS.

Technology: We are becoming more familiar with the computer lab. We go to the lab every Tuesday from 9:00 - 9:45. The kids are learning to log in on their own, using CONTROL+ALT+DELETE. If your child is still having trouble doing this, have them practice on the computer at home!