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K-1 Lunchtime News

Lunch Time News!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

  • Kindergarten and 1st graders have a choice of a hot or cold plate lunch. Each morning hot and cold lunch counts will be sent to the cafeteria after they are collected by each teacher.   Menus are posted on NutriSlice and Skyward. 
  • Plate lunch price with regular milk, juice or water is $4.00. This price is the same at all four elementary cafeterias.
  • Plate lunch price with organic or soymilk is $5.50. Parents, due to the price, PLEASE discuss with your child if you want them to purchase the organic or soymilk before they get to school.
  • A student may have a second serving of a plate lunch item, but they must eat the first portion initially served. The student will need to ask the lunchroom monitor permission to return to the serving line to get a second helping.  The student will be charged the ala carte price for the item.
  • There will not be any substitutions of any menu item listed. We encourage children to try different menu items.  Review the menu with your child daily so they are aware of each plate lunch option. 
  • If you are volunteering as a server, please do not serve your child “extra” portion – it is unfair to other students.
  • Kinder and 1st graders are not allowed to purchase chips.
  • Children who bring lunch from home, may…
    • Purchase milk, juice or water
    • Organic and Soymilk is also available
    • FRIDAYS ONLY – Ice Cream is available for purchase