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Lunch Guide - Kinder & 1st Grade

  • Kindergarten and 1st graders have a choice of hot or cold tray lunches. Each morning, hot and cold lunch counts will be recorded in the classroom your child’s teacher and sent to the cafeteria.
  • Hot and cold lunch menus are posted on NutriSlice and Skyward. The menus for K and 1st grade are set, no substitutions of any items.  Review the menu with your child daily so they are aware of their hot or cold choice for the day.  
  • The price of a tray lunch with regular milk, juice or water is $4.50. The price of a tray lunch with organic or soymilk is $6.00. PLEASE discuss with your child if you want them to purchase the organic or soymilk before they get to school.
  • Students may purchase seconds of lunch items (not chips/ice-cream), but they must eat the first portion initially served. The student will need to ask the lunchroom monitor permission to return to the serving line to get a second helping. The student will be charged the à la carte price for the item.
  • Kinder and 1st graders are not allowed to purchase chips and not allowed second helpings of ice-cream.
  • Children who bring lunch from home may purchase the following from the snack line:
    • Milk (regular, chocolate, organic and soy milk), juice or water.
    • Ice-cream is sold on Fridays only. No seconds.