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JMG Golden Ray

Vegetable Garden Lessons

  1. Hamburger Plants
    Objective: To learn how man depends on plants as the original source of most foods.
  2. Make Your Pick
    Objective: To select appropriate crops based on the season and region.
  3. Small and Large
    Objective: To understand proper spacing when planting seeds.
  4. Rules are Rules
    Objective: To establish rules for the garden that make it a safer place to learn
  5. Tender Transplants
    Objective: To understand the benefits and practice techniques of proper transplanting.
  6. Home Sweet Home
    Objective: To understand the criteria for selecting an optimal garden site and to choose site based on those criteria.
  7. Know and Show Sombrero
    Objective: To make wearable works of art that sow an understanding of the benefits of plants to people.
  8. Plant Parts Rap
    Objective: To learn the main parts of a plant and their roles.
  9. Building Bins and Compost Sandwiches
    Objective: To build a composting bin for creating organic matter to amend the soil.
  10. Oxygen Factory
    Objective: To illustrate the process of photosynthesis.
  11. Garden to the Table
    Objective: To determine the harvest time of various garden vegetables.
  12.  Plant a Seed
    Objective: To demonstrate the importance of communicating clearly when speaking.
  13.  Schedule It
    Objective: To establish a schedule so all gardeners help water and weed the garden.
  14. Paper Towel Gardening
    Objective: To create seed mats and transplant templates to help organize and layout the garden.
  15. Plant Parts We Eat
    Objective: To identify the various plant parts used for food.