What are we learning this week? 11/11 - 11/15

Word Family: -an /sh/ /th/ /ch/

Sight Words: an, come

In Language Arts we are reading Thanksgiving stories and focusing on being able to identify the Main Event in each story. Today we read: The Great Turkey Race

In Math we are working on NUMBER CONCEPTS and ORDINALS

THIS WEEK AT HOME: We are making a class turkey. Each child will be bringing home a feather to decorate at home and then return to school on Wednesday. Feel free to snazz it up as much as you'd like. Sequins, pom poms, glitter, etc., are all encouraged!

Don't forget about the book fair! We won't be going as a class so if your child would like to go you can take them before or after school this week as well as Saturday morning.

Please send jackets/hats/gloves this week as temperatures are expected to get colder and we will be going to recess as long as weather permits. Bundle up!