Week of 8/25


We had an awesome first day of kindergarten. The kids did GREAT! They were so excited and constantly asked, "What's next?!" 


A couple of reminders:

Please make sure you've turned in your parent contact information to me so that I can complete our class email list as soon as possible. 

Tennis shoes are the best choice for shoes each day. Even if we don't go to the gym one day, they will still be outside on the playground running around. Sandals and other shoes tend to create blisters, problems, etc. 

If your child gets cold easily, you may want to send a sweater or jacket with them to keep in their locker in case they need it.

Please keep the Navy HP Class of 2028 shirt in a safe place. They will need to wear it to field trips later in the year.

Please help us transition smoothly in the cafeteria, by helping your child learn his or her 3 digit lunch number. For now they are wearing necklaces, but the goal is to have each child memorize their number so that the necklaces are no longer necessary.