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About Mrs. Moore

Welcome to the UP Science Lab!

My name is Debra Moore and as the Science Lab teacher at UP, my goal is to instill in students a love of “more” science.  I’m an Iowa girl with a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Education. I taught 3rd and 4th grade at Hyer and then became the UP science lab teacher when my own two children began attending UP in 2004.  I like to think that I was destined for this job, for my family is always telling me I ask too many questions!

I come from a family of teachers.  One of my childhood memories is having to memorize the 56 prepositions around the swimming pool when I was ten years old. I recently married my high school sweetheart and my children both attend the University of Oklahoma, which greatly simplifies visits.  I enjoy exercise, including weight lifting and boxing and am quintessentially happy reading a book outside on a sunny day.

As a teacher, I love teaching science because it requires students to be inquisitive about the world. I can think of nothing greater than to teach children to be curious and to ponder the big and the small questions.