University Park Elementary


 For grades K-12 I received my education from Ursuline Academy. Subsequently, I attended UT Austin,TWU, and Texas A&M Commerce for undergraduate and graduate coursework. I studied speech, educational psychology,education of  students with auditory impairment, and elementary education - receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech with teaching certifications. I received an M.S.Ed. in Special Education(diagnostics and psychology)from Texas A&M Commerce. Although the master's degree gave me the opportunity to become a diagnostician, I chose to continue to follow my passion for teaching K-4 students with learning challenges.
 I taught students with auditory impairment for several years at the Regional Day School for the Deaf in Richardson ISD and Callier Speech & Hearing Center. After 11 years of teaching in the auditory impairment and Resource classes, I began teaching in the Resource Dept at University Park Elementary. I have had the good fortune to be the teacher to receive the University Park Elementary Teacher Appreciation Award from PCLDA three times. As I start my 12th year in HPISD, I continue to be grateful to teach in an outstanding district where parents and students have a high regard for education and educators.
The Resource classroom provides academic support to the students within the general education classroom and in a "pull-out" setting. The objective is to find different strategies that teach the curriculum by tapping  into each child's unique learning style so that all students can be successful as they acquire their education.