Cafeteria Volunteers

UP Cafeteria runs on “volunteer power!"

Thank you for serving our children and staff in the Cafeteria.


The UP Cafeteria is staffed by parent and grandparent volunteers who serve a dedicated (recurring) shift each month.  See the 2020-2021 Cafeteria Shift Schedule in the attached pdf.
Special days: 
  • Dads Serve on the 4th Friday of each month (recurring and non-recurring).      
  • Grandparents Serve on the 2nd Monday and 3rd Thursday of each month (recurring).
  • Grandparents and Dads are welcome to serve on other days that better suit their schedules.
Attention Kindergarten Parents: Four parent volunteers are needed in the first two weeks of school to help our Kinder classes get into the cafeteria routine.  Please go to our Sign UP Genius for more details and to volunteer.
How do I sign up to volunteer?
  • Contact Sarah Low (Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator 2020-2021) to assist you in being assigned to your desired lunch shift

  • Week of April 6th: Current cafeteria monthly volunteers may reclaim their shift or switch to a new shift. 

  • Week of April 13th: We will open up the signup to all current and future (rezoned) UP families with students currently in grades K-3.

  If you are currently serving as a cafeteria sub, this is your week to claim a recurring shift. 

  • Week of April 20th: The signup process opens up to incoming Kindergarten families.

  • UP uses online volunteer scheduling software called Volunteer Scheduler Pro (VSP).  Here is a video tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with VSP.  To sign up as a volunteer for a cafeteria shift, login at VSP.  
  • If you registered your family online in Back to School Sign-UP (BSSU) before August 10th, 2019, you and your spouse will have usernames established in VSP.  Don’t know your username and password, click “Forgot?” and use the same email address(es) used in BSSU to have your username and password reset instructions emailed to you.  
  • If you registered your family after August 10th, 2019 (not through BSSU), you will not have a username in VSP. Click here to enroll and create a profile in VSP. Please also complete the Volunteer Registration and Consent Form. You will be providing consent for a background check required by the HPISD for all volunteers.
  • If you are a new grandparent volunteer, go to enroll with VSP.  Please also complete the Volunteer Registration and Consent Form.
  • Having difficulties with your VSP login, contact the VSP Administrator, Mary Dalrymple
  • Once you login to VSP, you will select the cafeteria shifts for 2019-2020  to find cafeteria mainline cashier, ice-cream/snack cashier, or server positions available for you to “volunteer now”.  
  • Cafeteria shifts are recurring once each month (with the exception of Dads Serve Lunch shifts on the 4th Friday). Please click only one shift. The Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator will make the assignment recurring in VSP.