Cafeteria Volunteers

UP Cafeteria runs on “volunteer power!"

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Thank you for serving our children and staff in the Cafeteria.




The UP Cafeteria is staffed by parent and grandparent volunteers who serve a recurring shift each month. 
Special Days:
  • Dad's serve on the 4th Friday of each month (recurring).
  • Grandparents serve on the 2nd Monday of each month (recurring).
  • Grandparents and Dads are welcome to serve on other days that better suit their schedules. 
General Info: 
  • Bring your Volunteer Badge and Hat/Visor
  • Wear comfy closed toe shoes and ladies must tie hair back (cashiers too please)
  • Arrive at 10:45
    • Check-in at office
    • Sign in for your shift at Cashier B or D (ice cream terminal).
    • Servers/Ice cream cashiers: Head to lockers to grab an apron. Leave your personal items in the lockers provided. 
    • Wash hands and put on gloves 
  • You may want to go to the restroom before starting. There is one in the laundry room behind Tonia's office. If you need to go during your shift, please remember to remove your apron before going. 
  • Be sure to check-out at the front desk when your finish your shift. This generally involves scanning your badge as you exit or a friendly wave to Mrs. Corless. Please follow the instructions of the office staff as it may vary from what is written here. 
Important Reminders:
  • Know your shift! Add your shifts to your personal calendar and sign up for reminder emails/texts to keep track of your shifts.
  • Stay in touch! Your shift captain will reach out before a shift and request an RSVP.
  • If you are unable to make a shift, it is your job to find a sub. Please reach out to your shift captain as well. 
  • Be Mindful! Please remember not to food shame a child. He/She may not have any vegetables on their plate or may have more than one chip, etc, but it is not for us to comment. Parents can view their child's purchases on Skyward and keep updates on what the child is buying. 
  • Do not eat during the shift. Feel free to bring a drink, which you can leave in the locker while working. And grab food on your way out. 
Required Acknowledgment Forms
Complete The 2023-24 Cafeteria Volunteer Guidelines and Hand Washing Acknowledgment forms before your first volunteer shift in the cafeteria. To view each form, see the URL links below.