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News and Announcements

Kristi Yamaguchi is coming to UP!

Olympic gold medal winner, Dancing with the Stars champion, and children’s book author Kristi Yamaguchi will visit UP Students on Tuesday, October 25th. Students will have the opportunity to listen to Ms. Yamaguchi read her newest book, Cara’s Kindness.

We are taking orders for anyone who would like to purchase an autographed copy (List price $16.99 plus tax for a total of $18.39).

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: I "Elect" to Be Drug Free: Wear red, white & blue
Tuesday: Team Up Against Drugs: Wear your favorite team shirt
Wednesday: Your Future is so Bright:Wear neon or bright colors
Thursday: Drugs Can't Find Me: Wear "camo"
Friday: Show Your UP Drug Free Spirit:Wear your UP shirts

Celebrate Pumpkin Day and The UP Carnival Together This Fall!

Pumpkin Day: Thursday Oct 27

Carnival: Friday Oct. 28
Time- 3-00pm-6-30PM (early release)

Carnival is the only school fundraiser this fall. Support the effort!

Volunteer, be a family sponsor, buy raffle tickets, attend and join the fun!

Volunteer sign-up information is coming soon. For corporate and family sponsorships and Carnival tickets, please visit Carnival Page.

Carnival: Confetti Eggs

As part of the Carnival pre-celebration, The class in each grade with the most confetti egg sponsorship dollars wins a VIP CONFETTI EGG PARTY!
Now the only confetti egg event of the year!
Break them on your friends!
Make sure your parents fill out the form that will be in the Thursday folder!

Welcome to a new year at UP!

Students may enter the doors by the gym between 7:30-7:50 and report to the gym. Students may go to classrooms between 7:50-8.

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