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All public schools are required by law to maintain records
to reflect the average daily attendance of their students. Students are expected to be prompt and regular in
attendance. Students not in their seat @ 8:00 a.m. are marked TARDY and must come to the main office
for an admit slip. Students absent at 10:00 a.m., the district determined attendance period, shall be counted
absent for the entire day. Students present at this time shall be counted present for the entire day. 19 Texas Administrative Code 129.21(a) 
Written/Emailed or Phoned in excuses for absences should accompany the child returning from an absence if not sent on the actual day of the absence. The note or email or phone message should contain the child’s full name, date of absences, and reason for the absences. (THESE NOTEs SHOULD SIMPLY COME FROM THE PARENT, NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) 
EXCEPTIONS A student not actually on campus at the time attendance is taken may be considered in attendance for Foundation School Funding purposes if:
  1. The student is participating in a Board-approved an extracurricular activity or public performance,
    which is under the direction of the District’s professional staff or an adjunct staff member.
  2. The student is observing holy days, including days of travel to or from a site where the student will
    observe holy days. Excused days of travel shall be limited to not more than one day travel to and
    one day travel from the site where a student will observe the holy days.
  3. The student has a documented appointment with a health care professional during regular
    school hours, if that student begins classes or returns to classes on the same day of the
    appointment, the appointment must be supported by a signed note from the health care
    professional. A student whose absence is due to a doctor visit and not in their seat at the 10:00
    attendance taking period will be marked clearly as a D in Skyward designating that the child is excused
    due to a note on file.
Parents will receive notification from the school attendance clerk when their child has accumulated eight (8) or
more absences. According to the Texas Education Code, a student in kindergarten through grade four shall not
be given credit or promoted to the next grade if he or she has been in attendance fewer than 90% of the days in
a school year, unless an Attendance Review Committee designated by the Board grants credit because of
extenuating circumstances. The principal has the authority to waive the committee hearing and may grant credit
if it is determined that all of the absences were due to extenuating circumstance. Parents may be asked to
provide documentation of personal illness.
When a student is absent, parents should call the office at 214-780-3405 or email (TBD) as close
to 8:00 a.m. as possible to notify the school. Leave a message on the voicemail when you call. In the event
both parents are traveling and the parent has given responsibility for their child(ren) to a friend or family member,we must have that in writing (email is fine) or we will not be able to release the student to the assigned temporary