University Park Elementary

Attendance Reporting

Starting with the 3rd 9 weeks, (Jan. 4th) you will notice a D when looking at your student's attendance in Skyward IF and ONLY IF your child had a doctor appointment (with documentation turned in) that caused the student to not be in class at exactly 10:00 when the school takes attendance. (As always, without documentation the child will be counted absent until/if documentation is received.) 
This will only apply to students out of their "seat" during the 10:00 bell. 
This is simply a way of notating that a doctor's note is on file for you and the absence is excused due to dr. note. 
The state recognizes these as a doctor appointment with documentation and will show up in the absence section.  
(Regular "real" absences are notated as an E in that section.)
The office will continue to accept and request that you bring in a doctor note for any doctor visit that takes place during the school day that caused your child to miss a portion of that day. 
This will allow us to continue to remove tardies and absences for times other than the 10:00 attendance taking period. 
Thank you for your help and if you have any questions at all, just ask!   
If your child is absent for the entire day and does not attend school at all it is not necessary to bring a note from the doctor. 
Absences should be reported by email to
This allows Priscilla to print the absence note and retain them for auditing purposes. 
Of course if it is more convenient for you to call:  214-780-3405.   
It is fine to leave a message, and we will make notations of phone calls.