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KPAW is University Park's Friday morning's live broadcast of announcements. The Dad's Club at UP is responsible for creating the set and gifting the equipment.
Each Friday morning, a group of Fourth graders broadcast the UP news (KPAW) with the help of Mrs. Knight. The KPAW broadcast goes out to the school through our digital video system. For more in depth information regarding the KPAW production and crew, please click here.


Broadcast: Fridays from 8:00-8:15


4th Grade Dates for KPAW Broadcast 


How are we changing KPAW beginning this year?
  • Each class will have four opportunities to broadcast
  • each group will broadcast one time on a Friday morning
  • Content may be pre-recorded to allow for students to do more in-depth interviews
  • Content may be live
  • The group in charge for the week will decide the content  broadcasted
  • This will allow more students to be recorded and be in front of the camera
  • This will give more students an opportunity to interview and create content for the broadcast
  • Since this is a whole new way of doing our broadcast we may make changes as the school year progresses.
    • If something is working we will keep it
    • If something is not working we're not going to feel tied to that format


Recordings of KPAW broadcast:

  • Go to
  • Since students names and images are shown on each broadcast we have them saved under a secure setting. Please use your student's school username and password 
    • The first time you use Safari Montage on a computer, you will be asked to download the Safai Montage Player. The player allows you to use the browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc,) of your choice and the videos will be able to play. Follow the prompts. After loading the software, you will need to close your browser and reopen it this first time. (Go back to, and log in.) Directions for downloading Safari Montage Player--click here
  • Once you are logged in you may be asked to choose University Park.
  • From the Dashboard (main screen) on the left hand side, choose "School News."
  • Each uploaded broadcast will be labeled with the date the broadcast ran.