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KPAW TV Productions is the weekly newscast at University Park Elementary.

All Fourth Grade students at UP will have the opportunity to participate in KPAW Productions; however, participation is totally voluntary. Student-led newscast programs create a student-centered school environment among all students while fostering student leadership, developing technical skills, and building self-confidence and self-concept in participating students. Student broadcast productions are defined as a type of blended learning by actively engaging students in the communicating, broadcasting, scripting, and production processes, as well as the technical direction of the program. Students from elementary grades utilize video, audio, and/or text and learn writing, editing, and publishing techniques through the production of stories and links to student-related interests. This year, KPAW Productions will be under the direction of Miss Meagan Collier, the Campus Instructional Technologist.

Being a participant in the UP KPAW News is going to be an extremely fun and exciting activity, but also a lot of work. To create the best working relationship between all those involved, we must all agree on a given set of consistent expectations from the beginning. It is important that you understand all the requirements and time commitments. Please consider the expectations below to ensure your student will be able to fully commit.

KPAW Expectations

  • Students will be placed into bi-weekly crews based on their homeroom class.
  • Student crews will run the news for two consecutive weeks.  
  • Crews will be required to attend lunch meetings on Monday to plan for the upcoming show in the Broadcasting Room.
  • Monday meetings will be used to determine student roles and start drafting the weekly script.
  • Students will be required to complete their script outside of the classroom.