University Park Elementary

News and Announcements

UP: Turkey Trot

When: Friday, November 18th at 1:00
What: Students are encouraged to dress up like a turkey
and get ready for a school wide turkey trot fun run.
Where: Students and staff will run a designated course at
the park.
Awards and Prizes: Prizes will be given for the following:
*Best Dressed
*Most Creative
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1st Annual UP Pie Contest

Who: Parents, Students or Staff are invited to enter the pie contest!
When: Wednesday, November 16th – bring pies to café at 7:50
What Kinds of Pies: Judging will be in the following categories:
*Seasonal (Pumpkin, Pecan, etc..)
*Sugar/Free or Gluten Free
*Best Crust
*Best Looking
Judges – The UP Staff and randomly selected students will be judging the pies.
Winners: All Category Winners will be announced Thursday, November 17th.

**Please return your pie entry form to the front office by November 11th.
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4th Grade Promotion Ceremony

May 27th 10:30 am UP Gym (Space is VERY limited!)
We encourage that your extended family celebrate with your student after the ceremony, so that there is enough room for the 4th grade students and their parents to have a seat.
**If you purchased seating through the UP Auction, your 2 seats will be reserved with your names on them.**
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