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Cafeteria Info from Handbook

CAFETERIA: Students are provided a 30 minute period for eating lunch each day. Students have the option of bringing lunch from home or making choices from selections available in the cafeteria. A menu is provided for your information on-line at UP’s Home Page ( Our cafeteria is managed by the PTA in cooperation with HPISD. Check the Cafeteria section of the website for up to date cafeteria pricing. Dine Rite accounts are available as a prepaid option purchased in minimums of $50. increments. Students are to follow any instructions given by faculty members supervising the cafeteria.


Rationale: Schools are in a powerful position to influence children's lifelong dietary habits, and we, in partnership with parents, should work hard to convey the importance of good nutrition and the development of good eating habits and healthy lifestyles. Foods available on school premises should provide for educational support services. Nutritious meals and foods can improve students' concentration, academic success and overall health.

Goal: To model, teach, and reinforce healthy behaviors for our students and their families.

1. UP will follow as a guideline the FMNV policy set forth by the Texas Department of Agriculture which does not allow the following foods of minimal nutritional value to be sold or given away on school premises by the school, teachers, non-school organizations or any other person or group during the school day:

·         Any carbonated beverage

·         Water ices – any frozen, sweetened water such as “…sicles” and flavored ice with the exception of products that contain fruit or fruit juice.

·         Chewing gum

·         Candy

Exceptions to this are special education classrooms, nurses and school holiday celebrations or special events such as compliment parties determined by the teachers and approved by the principal.

2. Special treats for birthday parties will be approved and scheduled in advance with the students’ teachers. This will be placed on the class calendar by room mothers so that no more than one treat is given in a day. Birthday treats will be in accordance with the FMNV policy and eaten in the cafeteria.

3. Parents may not bring in commercially prepared food for any student.

4. No food will be allowed in the classroom unless part of an approved curriculum defined activity or in conjunction with cafeteria overflow.