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UPDATE:  We have started the year in our new school, and TAG math classes are already underway!  The below message is from a few years ago and needs just a little updating... I now have a seven month old baby boy named Charlie who already loves going to his school while I am here teaching TAG.  I have learned so much about TAG and UP over the last two years and am excited to continue to work with this community to grow these young minds!  
Mrs. Myers
I am so excited to be a new member of University Park Elementary! With meeting so many wonderful members of the learning community this week, I feel right at home. I have been a Bradfield Elementary Fourth Grade teacher for three years, and prior to that experience I taught in Plano ISD for five years in both fourth grade and fifth grade classrooms. Graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor Degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a Master Degree in Elementary Education, I quickly feel in love with extending the learning of my TAG students in the regular education classroom. I followed this passion to learn more about how to challenge my students every moment of the day through the SMU Gifted/Talented Endorsement Program. Given this opportunity to put my practice and passion in motion, I plan on partnering with you to build a challenging yet supportive environment that invites your child to grasp at opportunities to make great strides in learning. This year will be exciting for another reason, I am getting married in December to a fellow Red Raider, Mitch Myers. Mitch is accustomed to the teaching world because his mother is a retired teacher and was even prepared to help me set up my new classroom! I was already overjoyed my family is growing bigger this year, and now I am thrilled beyond words by adding my new University Park family as well. I look forward to meeting all of you and your children very soon.

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Meet Elisa Farrell!!!!!  Below is a link to a her personal letter introducing herself to you!  

Meet Elisa Farrell

As many of you may already know, my husband and I are expecting our first child in January.  We are so excited and filled with anticipation for this new member of our family to arrive.  Your children have been my top priority in my preparation to be away for maternity leave.  I reached out to my favorite Gifted and Talented Education Professor at SMU for long term substitute recommendations, and she instantly suggested Elisa Farrell.  After having Elisa as our special guest one day, it was clear to me that our students would not only be in good hands while I am away, but I believe they will benefit greatly from their time with Mrs. Farrell.  Attached you will find a letter from Elisa introducing herself.  We will work together to prepare for my time away from the classroom so that your children will continue to receive the TAG curriculum.  
Spotlight on 3rd grade explorations:  Meet our third grade scientists!  Outfitted in their very own creativity tie to express all of their personal interests, these students are hard at work learning about the heart.  Last class they rewrote the lyrics to popular songs to show their understanding of how the blood travels through the heart.  Our wonder wall is filled with questions we have yet to answer about this very important muscle.  Stay tuned for more from these third grade scientists.  
Spotlight on 2nd grade Inventors!!!!  These inventors worked through the Wallas Model of Creativity to invent a protective design to protect an egg from a two story drop.  First, the students prepared by asking questions, drawing a plan, and examining materials.  Next, they had a week to decide on a bonus item to bring from home.  Then, the students built their design and tested it.  We will be talking about design changes we would make next class!  Stay tuned for more from our inventors!  

Meet the Teacher

Hi parents,
Thank you for stopping by to say hello last Friday.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and so many new smiling ones that are all excited about a new year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful first day back to school.  I am looking forward to getting to know your child and your family better this year.  Attached is the handout from meet the teacher.  

TAG Parent Meetings

Hi Parents!  Below is the outlined schedule of our back to school parent meetings for a general overview of our TAG curriculum and an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the TAG service model.  
Tuesday, August 30th
11-11:30 Parents of students new to TAG Math- all grade levels
1:30-2 2nd grade explorations 
2-2:30 3rd grade explorations
2:30-3 4th grade explorations 

Thank you and Happy Summer!

Thank you parents and families for all of the wonderful support you have given to me and your children this year.  It has been an adventure every step of the way, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  Students, I am proud of the journey you have taken this year, and this is just the beginning!   Whether you are going into fifth grade, or I am seeing you next year here at UP, your excitement and willingness to take on new challenges will take you far.  Thank you all for the wonderful end of year gift.  I feel so appreciated... and what a way to end the year with such a generous gesture!   Be safe traveling and enjoying your summer!  See you all next year :)   

Group picture after a fun day of learning.  What a year it has been with these fourth graders!  A special thanks for our parent volunteers who led the groups from station to station and helped to set up the projects.  Sally Schedler, Jan Xie, Ashley Meece, Niccole Maurici, Laurie Martin, Jill Dalton
Scots University
Armstrong Elementary 
4th grade TAG students from every HPISD campus come together for a day of STEM learning.  

Teacher appreciation week

Hello TAG families,
I would like to thank each and every one of you for the thoughtful notes, flowers, and gifts that your children spoiled me with last week.  I feel so loved and appreciated!  You all have made my first year at University Park amazing, and I can't thank you enough for that.  Not only did your children make me feel special last week, but throughout the  year they have been polite, eager to learn, and loving.  What more could a teacher ask for!  Thank you again for the wonderful year and an incredible teacher appreciation week.  
Kayla Myers