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UPDATE:  We have started the year in our new school, and TAG math classes are already underway!  The below message is from a few years ago and needs just a little updating... I now have a seven month old baby boy named Charlie who already loves going to his school while I am here teaching TAG.  I have learned so much about TAG and UP over the last two years and am excited to continue to work with this community to grow these young minds!  
Mrs. Myers
I am so excited to be a new member of University Park Elementary! With meeting so many wonderful members of the learning community this week, I feel right at home. I have been a Bradfield Elementary Fourth Grade teacher for three years, and prior to that experience I taught in Plano ISD for five years in both fourth grade and fifth grade classrooms. Graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor Degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a Master Degree in Elementary Education, I quickly feel in love with extending the learning of my TAG students in the regular education classroom. I followed this passion to learn more about how to challenge my students every moment of the day through the SMU Gifted/Talented Endorsement Program. Given this opportunity to put my practice and passion in motion, I plan on partnering with you to build a challenging yet supportive environment that invites your child to grasp at opportunities to make great strides in learning. This year will be exciting for another reason, I am getting married in December to a fellow Red Raider, Mitch Myers. Mitch is accustomed to the teaching world because his mother is a retired teacher and was even prepared to help me set up my new classroom! I was already overjoyed my family is growing bigger this year, and now I am thrilled beyond words by adding my new University Park family as well. I look forward to meeting all of you and your children very soon.

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From my family to yours... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Thank you all for a wonderful year.  I feel so much joy looking back on all the memories we have shared in this last year and look forward to many more.  I also want to say thank you for the generous class gift I received this week.  I truly appreciate it and you all more than words can express.  Thank you for also sharing your family's holiday cards and cheer throughout the week.  I hope you all enjoy the holidays with your family.  See you in 2017!

Second and Third Grade TAG math parents

Very soon we will be finishing up with our volume one Envision textbook.  We do some lessons online.  Others we learn in various ways besides the textbook so not every page has been utilized.  Rather than to recycle them here at school, I hope you will consider keeping them on hand for extra practice over the summer before entering the next grade level.  They are an excellent tool for review and skill practice!  Sometime this week the volume one book will come home and it does not need to be returns as we will be moving onto volume 2 after winter break.  Thanks!  Mrs. Myers

Attention PC-TAG Parents: excellent parent meeting offered at MIS December 6th


with Dr. Ann Batenburg


December 6th, 10:00am-11:30am

5/6 Assembly Room at MIS

Dr. Ann Batenburg, Assistant Clinical Professor of Gifted Education at SMU, will discuss the importance of a Growth Mindset. This program will give parents additional insight into their own child's thinking process. The Growth Mindset is being explained to 6th-8th grade students at the Middle School. It enables our success and influences self-esteem, self-awareness and creativity. Please join us for an insightful program.


Questions? Please contact Wendy Herrick.


3rd grade scientists are at it again with last week's pig heart dissection.  Special thank you to Dr. Manhas, Vishal's dad, for guiding our learners every step of the way.  He was very impressed with their knowledge of the heart, and they were very surprised at how different the pig heart looks than the diagrams we have studied in class.  Thank you to the parent volunteers who set up and cleaned the science lab for our class.  Also, thank you to all of our parents who were able to come to participate in this exciting moment of learning.