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UPDATE:  We have started the year in our new school, and TAG math classes are already underway!  The below message is from a few years ago and needs just a little updating... I now have a seven month old baby boy named Charlie who already loves going to his school while I am here teaching TAG.  I have learned so much about TAG and UP over the last two years and am excited to continue to work with this community to grow these young minds!  
Mrs. Myers
I am so excited to be a new member of University Park Elementary! With meeting so many wonderful members of the learning community this week, I feel right at home. I have been a Bradfield Elementary Fourth Grade teacher for three years, and prior to that experience I taught in Plano ISD for five years in both fourth grade and fifth grade classrooms. Graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor Degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a Master Degree in Elementary Education, I quickly feel in love with extending the learning of my TAG students in the regular education classroom. I followed this passion to learn more about how to challenge my students every moment of the day through the SMU Gifted/Talented Endorsement Program. Given this opportunity to put my practice and passion in motion, I plan on partnering with you to build a challenging yet supportive environment that invites your child to grasp at opportunities to make great strides in learning. This year will be exciting for another reason, I am getting married in December to a fellow Red Raider, Mitch Myers. Mitch is accustomed to the teaching world because his mother is a retired teacher and was even prepared to help me set up my new classroom! I was already overjoyed my family is growing bigger this year, and now I am thrilled beyond words by adding my new University Park family as well. I look forward to meeting all of you and your children very soon.

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4th grade math students celebrate the end of Math Olympiads.  Congrats to our 1st place winner, Andrew!  

Thank you!

Thank you TAG parents for the generous end of year gift!  I appreciate all of the love and support you have provided for your children and me throughout the entire year.  UP is a special place, and I love coming to teach here year after year.  Looking forward to another great year together at the new school!  And to our fourth graders that are moving on, hope you come back to visit!  I love to hear updates so please keep in touch!  Have a great summer!  
Mrs. Myers 

Welcome back cake made by 3rd grader, Rachel.  Also a banner with sweet messages from all the students hangs behind me.  What a special welcome back!  Thank you!

I am back!!!!

Thank you for all the notes, extra hugs, and small treats to welcome me back last week.  It flew by so I didn't get a chance to post how great it was to be back with the students and teaching!   A special thank you to Mrs. Farrell for taking great care of the students and following curriculum while I was out.  The students are right on track to end the year with an amazing track record of achievement in both Explorations and TAG Math.  Thank you again for the warm welcome back!  

The Bigfoot Trial results are in!!!  Our jury along with foreperson, Ava, decided the verdict in the case of the Big Foot Support Group vs. the University Park Investigation Group.  Thanks to the help and guidance of our lawyers, Mr. Foley, Mrs. Trulock, and Mrs. Bernstein, we were able to simulate a very realistic view of our civil court system.  The jury sided with the University Park Investigation Group!  Therefore according to our class, Big Foot more likely than not does not exist.