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Cafeteria Cashier Volunteer Procedures

1) Be On Time and Stay for Entire Shift (10:45am – 1:00pm).   The first students through the line NEED you and it is a courtesy to your fellow volunteers.  If you are late and the first class comes through, we get backed up for the day, and we start scrambling to find someone to cover for you.  Staying until the end of your shift allows all children to get enough in their tummies to get them thru the remainder of the day.

2) Find a sub when you are unable to work – Again, your children need you and the fellow volunteers appreciate it.  It is your responsibility not only to request a sub, but also to make sure your shift is covered.  Call other volunteers and/or send emails to make a trade.

3) No eating or drinking on the line, in the kitchen, or while cashiering.  We encourage you to stay and eat lunch after serving and visit with your fellow volunteers.  Your lunch “benefit” is only for you as a volunteer working for the cafeteria on your assigned day.  It is not transferable to your child or another day when you are not volunteering in the cafeteria. Please do not take more than one serving from the cafeteria. 

4) UP Elementary allows all grades to purchase seconds of entrees, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, cheese, yogurt, and drinks.  No seconds on chips or ice cream.

5) There are no exchanges or variations on the set lunch other than plain PB for PB&J or PB or PB&J for turkey sandwiches.  Exceptions may be made for students with allergies or vegetarian students.

6) On Fridays only, kindergartners and first graders get ice cream on their tray as part of their lunch for no extra charge.  Kindergartners and 1st graders can buy ice cream on Fridays if they brought their lunch from home. 

7) Kindergartners and first graders may purchase drinks in the drink/snack line, but they are not allowed to buy chips.  Chips are sometimes served as part of the cold plate for kinder and first graders, but they may not buy extra chips or buy them separately. 

8) Second, third and fourth-grade students can buy ice cream on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

9) Once you enter the child’s numbers in, always make sure that the name matches the account number they gave you.

10) If a parent sets a meal limit amount, items that cause the total purchase to exceed the amount cannot be rung up.  There is not an override option.  Please have the child return one or more items on the tray, and continue to ring up the other items.

11) Parents may put restrictions on their child's lunch accounts.  Please be mindful of pop up messages that occur after the students ID is entered and do not sell them the item.  If there are questions about a restriction that is put on a child’s account, please speak to Ms. Tonia.

12) Please do not take any checks that students have to put additional funds on their cafeteria accounts.  Instead, direct the child to Ms. Tonia so that she can accept the payment and add it to the account.

13) At the end of each shift, please follow the closeout instructions that are left by the register. 

14) You will receive an email the Sunday before your shift a text the day of to remind you of your commitment in the cafeteria from VSP.  Please review your profile on VSP to confirm your email address and mobile number is correct.

15) If you would like to receive both cashier and server sub-requests please update your VSP profile.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cafeteria Cashier Coordinator -

Thank you for cashiering!