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Cafeteria Cashiers

Cashier Info: 


  • Upon arrival, complete login for terminal A and B. Login details are taped to each terminal. 
  • Open the chrome skyward shortcut on the desktop, complete login, select "Food Service" and click "Point of Sale." Make sure you are on the A la Carte tab. 
  • Student Number Sales: 
    • Enter student number (6 digits)
    • Confirm the correct account by asking for their name or reading the name given. 
    • Add items (more details below).
    • Click "Change Customer"
  • Cash Sales: 
    • Type in 6-digit cash number taped to terminal.
    • Add items (more details below).
    • Click "Pay in Full" to view amount of sale.
    • Total will be shown on pop up: provide change if needed (click "Yes"). 
    • Click "Change Customer" to move onto the next sale. 
  • Adding Items: 
    • K-1:
    • Select "PLT Lunch (K-1)" come with drink daily and ice cream on Friday. 
      • If there is a second drink on their tray, only charge for one beverage. 
      • No additional items may be sold. 
      • Select "PLT LNCH SOY/OR" if the student has an Organic or Soy drink. 
    • 2-4:
    • Items on the tray are individually charged. (ie: chicken nuggets will be added as the entrée, pickles will be added as veg/cold, etc. 
    • On days with chicken nuggets or taquitos for example be aware of how many pieces are in the serving so you can charge the entrée accordingly (ask the servers or Tonia). 
  • Cashier Extras: 
    • If a student has reached their limit, ask them to put back an item that is packaged (chips, yogurt, etc). They cannot return entrees or food served from the hot section. 
    • If you encounter a "permanent stop purchase" please seek help from Tonia.
    •  For 2nd-4th Grade: On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, you will ask the student if they would like to purchase an ice cream ticket as they come through the line. Remember to ask, this will hep reduce the amount of sales the ice cream serves need to key in while serving ice cream. It helps to keep the line short. 
    • If a child is coming through the line for extra chips, beverages or cold items, they may skip the line and wait near you if another class is going through the line. You can check them out at your convenience. 
Ice Cream Cashier:
  • On Tuesday and Thursday only, your shift will begin at 11:30. 
  • Tickets can be exchanged for ice cream. No cashier transaction will be needed. 
  • If a student is buying an ice cream, follow instructions above in Cashier info.