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Finding a Sub for your Shift

How to Find a Sub

It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to work your designated shift.  Finding a replacement does not end with submitting a sub-request. Below you will find information on how to submit a sub-request, also included are tips and ideas to help you find coverage.

Remember!  When you submit a sub-request, please try to pick up a shift to return the favor of someone covering for you.

*Requesting a Sub via VSP (Volunteer Scheduler Pro)

There are 3 ways to get to VSP:

Go to “My Schedule” Tab
  *Here you can manage your upcoming shifts
  *If you need to request a sub, click the “request sub” link next to your shift. 

  *Enter your request and the day(s) you are available to trade with someone else.

**Trading days is a great way to make sure your shift is covered and it helps out someone else looking for a sub.

*Everyone in VPS that is eligible to work for you, will receive an e-mail of your request. You will be copied on that e-mail.

****If you are a server you will only receive server sub requests and if you are a cashier you will only receive cashier requests.  If you would like to receive both please log into your VSP account and change your settings.

*Under “My Schedule” you will also find all available shifts.  If you want to volunteer for an opening, click “volunteer now” link next to shift.  We encourage everyone that submits a sub request to pick another shift so we can keep all shifts covered.

Accepting a Sub Request via e-mail
•Once a sub request has been processed by the software, an e-mail goes out to all available volunteers.
•To accept the sub request click the blue “volunteer now” in the e-mail.
•Do not reply to the e-mail that goes to the administrator, instead contact the volunteer directly through the e-mail provided in the request.

Sub Request E-Mails
•The sub request only goes to volunteers available & qualified for your shift
•Cashier sub request will only go to other cashiers. If you have friends who are not cashiers who would sub for you, either forward the sub request to them or ask them separately.
*To customize your available days:  If you know you can never work on Mondays, put all Monday shifts on your unavailable list and you will no longer receive the e-mails.
•We want everyone to be happy and comfortable with the software. It is designed to be personalized.

Confirming a Sub
•Once another volunteer has accepted your sub request, you will get an e-mail confirmation similar to this one that you are no longer scheduled for you shift.
•You must get confirmation or you will still be scheduled and be expected to be in the cafeteria.

Canceling a sub or swap request
•If you get a sub outside of the website, i.e. a friend says she will work for you, please cancel the sub request.   Log into VPS and on My Schedule tab click “cancel” next to your request. Canceling the request will prevent other volunteers from accepting the request after you had filled the request on your own. 

***Tips for finding a sub if no one accepts your request***

Propose a switch:

*Go to the Rosters Tab in VSP to find contact information for all cafeteria volunteers.  Find someone that works on the same day and offer to switch days.  Example: You will cover a 4th Monday shift if that person will cover your 2nd Monday shift. OR if you are flexible to work other days contact volunteers that work those days also regarding a switch.

Propose a trade:

*An effective way to find a sub is to trade with someone who has an outstanding request.
*On the “My Schedule” tab you will see outstanding requests, click volunteer now, you will be taken to accept substitute request box.
*You may either accept the position or click the propose trade with volunteer. Choose the second bubble and use the text box to start a dialogue with the other volunteer ~ by accepting you are not fully committed, just proposing a trade.

Propose a split shift:

*If you can work half your shift try to find someone that can cover the half therefore splitting the shift.  Or you may find two friends that will split your shift.  If you do find two people that will split your shift, please let either the cashier coordinator or the server coordinator know of this coverage.



-Please have a buddy system in place from the beginning of the year.
-That means having a friend or neighbor who works on a different day that you can call in case of a last minute emergency or illness.
-Please do not count on the system if your request is placed less than 24 hours before you are scheduled to serve or cashier – use the resources given here to find a sub.

*Email other parents in your child’s class

*Send a message to the group email you received at the beginning of the year ~ the group email will contain all volunteers that serve on the same day of the week as you do.

Once you have exhausted your resources please contact either the cashier or server coordinator for other suggestions.             

If you have any questions please contact:

UP Cafeteria Server Coordinator – Cynthia Till

Thank you for volunteering in the UP Cafeteria!!!