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Cafeteria Server Volunteer Procedures

Server Info:
  • Once you are geared up (apron, hat, and gloves), you may begin prepping plates for Kinder as their lunch is a set plate (for cold only). Add the fruits, yogurts, soups, chips or whatever else is easy to add ahead of time.
  • The sandwich for the cold lunch will be added as the child comes through the line and tells you hot or cold. 
  • There are two lines: A and B. You may check which line your child's class goes through and serve in that line. We need 3 servers per line. 
  • The student will get their drink first as they come through the line. 
  • K-1: Please ask the student if they would like hot or cold. Plate lunch is set for these two grades. No extras may be given. 
  • 2-4: Students will tell you what they want for hot food. Pass the tray to each student at the window. They will add their own cold items as they move down the line. 
  • Please restock the cold items from the fridge as needed. 
  • If a child requests a special lunch (vegan or gluten free), please see Tonia or staff for help with this order. 
  • Keep an eye on the kids, do not let them eat in line or touch each other's trays.