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Cafeteria Server Volunteer Procedures

  • Be On Time and Stay for the entire shift. (10:45am-1:00pm) – The first students through the line NEED you and it is a courtesy to your fellow volunteers.  If you are late and the first class comes through, we get backed up for the day, and we start scrambling to find someone to cover for you.  Staying for your entire shift allows all children to
  • Please find a sub when you are unable to work – Again, our children need you and the fellow volunteers appreciate it.  It is your responsibility not only to request a sub, but also to make sure your shift is covered. See the “How to Find a Sub” Tab for instructions and ideas to find coverage for your shift.


  • When you arrive for your shift please wash your hands then grab a hat, apron and gloves - all are a required if you are serving food. Change your gloves frequently.   Also please pull your hair back before serving and wear closed toed shoes.  **Hats are a must according to the health code (you are welcome to bring your own hat).


  • No eating or drinking behind the line, in the kitchen, or while serving.  We encourage you to stay and eat lunch after serving and visit with your fellow volunteers.  The lunch is available for the parent volunteer only and is not transferrable to your child or another day when you are not volunteering in the cafeteria. Do not take extra servings home.


  • If you leave the serving line to visit your child please remove your gloves. When you return from the visit please wash your hands and grab a new pair of gloves.


  • Please put all personal items in a locker in the kitchen. If you need to check your phone do not forget to remove your gloves and replace when you are done.  Do not touch your phone with gloves on and then continue to serve.


  • Kinder and 1st – have the choice of cold or hot lunch. Children that have chosen the cold lunch will be at the beginning of the line and hot lunch the children will follow.  **Sometimes a few kiddos will change their mind at the last minute that is okay.  Keep an eye on your cold lunch numbers, if you are running low let Ms. Tonia know immediately.


  • Class counts and class schedule will be posted on the wall behind the serving line. Each serving line is marked with A or B and you can pick a line according to your child’s class schedule.


  • UP Elementary allows all grades to purchase seconds of entrees, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, cheese, yogurt, and drinks. No seconds on chips and ice cream.


  • There are no exchanges or variations on the set lunch other than plain PB for PB&J or PB or PB&J for turkey sandwiches.  Exceptions may be made for students with allergies or vegetarian students.


  • On Fridays only, kindergartners and first graders get ice cream on their tray as part of their lunch for no extra charge.  Kindergartners and 1st graders can buy ice cream on Fridays if they brought their lunch from home. 


  • Kindergartners and first graders may purchase drinks in the drink/snack line, but they are not allowed to buy chips. Chips are sometimes served as part of the cold plate for kinder and first graders, but they may not buy extra chips or buy them separately.


  • The cafeteria will show you the correct portion size. Please follow those guidelines for students throughout the entire lunch service. If you give more, we may run low on food for the later classes.  **Teachers are to receive generous portions.


  • Please do not take extra food (especially chips or ice cream) to your child.


  • You will receive an email a few days before and also a text the day of your shift each month therefore please verify your contact information is correct in VSP.


  • If you would like to receive both server and cashier sub-requests please update your profile in VSP to include both.


  • Enjoy your time getting to know other parents and watching the kiddos grow thru out the year!


If you have any questions, please contact the Cafeteria Server Coordinator - Cynthia Till

Thank you for serving in the UP Cafeteria!!!