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Cafeteria Sub Pool

Cafeteria Subs are the backup volunteers to our recurring cafeteria cashiers and servers.  Just as we need a full team to perform a lunch service each day, we also need a strong group of substitutes that can fill in when kids get sick or other conflicts arise.  This is open to all volunteers, including dads and grandparent volunteers.
If you do not have a recurring cafeteria shift, please select Cafeteria Sub Pool as your job in your VSP profile.
If you do have a recurring cafeteria shift, please select the other cafeteria jobs you are willing to sub for in your VSP profile.  For example, if you are a cashier for the mainline, you can sub for the ice-cream cashier position, click the job ice-cream cashier and click the small box to elect to sub for this position.  You will receive all notifications for mainline cashier and ice-cream cashier sub requests made by other volunteers.  A server can sub for grandparent servers and/or dad servers.  
If another volunteer relieves you from your shift without making a trade of shifts, please pay it forward!  Take another volunteers sub request on a future date when you can serve.